The ability to monitor your health 24 hours a day!

A unique innovative method for the prevention of many physiological disorders at an early stage of their development using the molecules of the liquid crystal screen of a mobile device and the corrector of electrodynamics and microcirculation.

Microcirculation is the physiological basis for supplying blood, oxygen and energy to body tissues. The function of microcirculation is to maintain a dynamic balance between the volumetric and mass parameters of the liquid and substances to ensure the stability of the internal environment. If microcirculation is disturbed, hypoxia or hypoxic syndrome occurs, which is the cause of many physiological disorders and diseases.

Skin aging is also associated with worsening microcirculation.

Skin tone can be rejuvenated and maintained. After applying the night cream on your face, project the screen for 3-5 minutes, about 1 cm above the surface of the skin tissue, until you feel a slight warmth.
 In this case, the deep penetration of the active ingredients into the skin tissue occurs. Note: adding hyaluronic acid (sold at the pharmacy) over a short period of time will help ensure the best and longest anti-aging effect.

Corrector Installation Rules

– Remove the protective paper from the back of the corrector.
– Install it on the back of your mobile device to contact the electromagnetic background and activate the micro-circuit.
– After that, harmonious millimeter waves of the EHF range identical to the surface radiation of healthy cellular structures will constantly be present on the screen of your mobile device.

Methodics of prevention

– Wipe the screen of your mobile device with any antiseptic.
– Place the screen on the a sore spot and hold it for 1 to 15 minutes, until you feel relief.

NB! For procedures, use the screen with a green background. Green Background can be downloaded from our website – . All procedures should be performed on the exposed surface of the body. 

The note

The presence of low-intensity millimeter waves of the EHF range does not affect other functions and applications of the mobile device.

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