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Any biological organism possesses electrophysical parameters and is a source of weak electromagnetic radiation, in which electrical charges provide the transfer of oxygen by blood, with the nervous system being a complex electrical circuit.
In the mid-1960s, Academician N. Devyatkov and Doctor of Technical Sciences M. Golant, who studied electromagnetic millimeter waves of the extremely high frequency (EHF) range, proved their interaction with biological objects. Subsequently, this finding was confirmed by scientists from Germany and France. It turned out that, in the normal state, plasma membranes of biological cells produce wave electromagnetic oscillations and are sources of millimeter waves of the EHF range, by which they are informationally interconnected.

However, any slightest biological pathology disturbs the wave intercellular connection and microcirculation – the most important physiological basis of metabolism.
Microcirculation is a network of small arterioles, venules and capillaries that distribute blood throughout the body. It is through the microvasculature, an exchange of oxygen and nutrients, which each biological cell receives for life, occurs in the body.

The study of this issue led us to the idea of creating a device capable of correcting disharmonious millimeter waves of the EHF range for some biological disorders. So, in 2005, the Estonian inventor, laureate of the international Olympics of inventions “Genius” (gold medal), biophysicist V. Aljas, created a microgenerator of millimeter EHF waves.

The microgenerator could function from a resonance with electromagnetic waves of light or from an electronic device. The resonance caused wave oscillations of molecules in the microcrystals of its integral spiral circuit with a millimeter pitch and projected harmonic millimeter waves. To avoid manufacturing a special source of electromagnetic waves for it, it was decided to use for this purpose a popular electronic device – a mobile phone. This made such a phone not only safe but also useful for health.
The microgenerator passed local and foreign medical tests with the involvement of people having various non-anatomical biological disorders.
The tests were carried out according to the following methodology:
1). The person’s initial condition.
2). The microgenerator is fixed on a phone body, on the back of its upper part. During the procedure, the phone’s screen comes into contact with the skin tissue in the area of biological disorder. The procedure duration is 5-10-15-20 minutes.
3). Comparison of the results.
All subsequent years were the years of its practical application with excellent results.

References to the test documents:


Thus, a mobile phone received a unique function of alternative medicine – a function of bioenergetic therapy.

At home, on the street, during studies and sports, at work or traveling abroad, the microgenerator will help: in case of a soft tissue bruise, toothache, heartburn, muscle pain and many other biological (non-anatomical) disorders accompanied by a pain syndrome.​

To carry out the bioenergetic procedure, place the phone screen (without a case) on the clothes-free area of the body and hold it for 1 to 20 minutes until a positive result is obtained.

​The wellness effect is created by the rapid restoration of microcirculation by millimeter waves, resonating with water molecules through the somato-vascular sensory system of skin tissues. This is similar to what a professional bioenergetic therapist usually does, when, using his or her hands, generates his or her own millimeter waves toward the patient’s body.

Instructions for installing the microgenerator on a phone

Installation video

– If your phone is in a case, release it from the latter.
– Carefully remove protective coating from an adhesive baking on the back of the microgenerator.
– Install the generator with an adhesive backing on the phone body in its upper part, as shown in the picture below (left or right, in the free area). Lightly press against the body. Thus the generator’s circuit is automatically activated from the electrically active phone and immediately begins to function.
– Put the phone back in its case.
Millimeter waves will spread toward the phone screen creating a favorable wellness background on it.

Harmonic millimeter waves have an analgesic property (anesthesia), as well as contribute to the regeneration of skin tissues, which can be used to quickly heal wounds.
Millimeter waves are successfully used in cosmetology to improve the facial skin condition, in anti-wrinkle therapy and against hair loss.
More information on the use of millimeter waves can be found in the Google Internet search engine by typing: application of millimeter waves.
We guarantee the functionality of the microgenerator for 3 years from the time of its installation on your phone.
The presence of millimeter waves in the phone does not affect the communication quality.

– A cardiac pacemaker.

Note. When testing the functionality of the microgenerator with the use of diagnostic equipment, for the purity of the experiment, it is necessary to use different phones. It should be taken into account that after removing the microgenerator from the phone’s body, in the molecules’ atoms of the phone parts, memory of the microgenerator will persist for 10 to 15 minutes, as in any computer: when leaving the Internet, memory of the Internet persists for some time.

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